1. Basic Coverage

AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE 60 Cents per pound per article. This minimum coverage for lost or damaged items is based on 60 cents times the weight of the article. This coverage is provided at no additional charge.

2. Actual Cash Value

$0.75 per every $100.00 with the minimum coverage to declare of $20,000 to purchase the minimum you will pay $150.00 This option provides for lost or damaged based on actual cash value, including depreciation, at the time of loss or damaged , up to the total dollar amount of value declared by you. You will be charge for this coverage.

3. Full Value Protection

$1.20 per every $100.00 with the minimum coverage to declare of $20,000.00 to purchase the minimum you will pay $240.00.

This option provides for lost or damaged items based on current replacement value at the time of loss or damaged, up to the total dollar amount of valuation declared by you. You will be charge for this coverage.

Faqs about Jakie Movers

Do you move out of state?

Jackie Movers is a local company, which covers only the state of California, but hopefully, in the future, we may expand on these services.
If you need to move out of state, Jackie Movers’ friends can help by contacting companies that offer these services.

I need to move from my place in one day and I cannot move into my new place until the next day; What can i do?

Jackie Movers can help, we will keep your belongings in storage. Jackie Movers covers the cost for a minimum of 3 days, if you need more time, the rest is paid by the client.

What is my responsibility as a customer?

-Your correct address.
-Specify the things that are going to be moved.
-Responsibility of payment upon completion of the move.
-Inspect the truck and make sure that nothing has been left behind.

Do you provide last minute moves?

Last-minute moves are provided dependent on our availability on the day you call.

Will the driver load all the boxes that I packed?

es, as long as the driver deems them safe for transport.

Do you offer any discounts?

Jackie Movers has a variety of discounts for your move within reach of your budget. For more information contact us.

Do you pack and move on the same day?

YES, Jackie Movers is a company whose priority is to make your move in the shortest time possible.

When is the best time to move my company or business?

When considering the best time, plan around your business hours to save money. Either move after hours or during the weekend to optimize your business operations, ease of the move, and the cost.

Can I pack anything in the drawers of my dresser or desk?

All loose items must be packed in boxes to prevent loss or damage while moving. It is recommended that you pack all items and leave the drawers empty.

What type of payments are available and when is payment due?

Unless otherwise arranged with your relocation consultant, all charges should be paid upon delivery by cash, traveler’s check, or money order.

What should I do with the food in my refrigerator and other perishables?

Arrange for a cooler to transport such items. Your refrigerator cannot be moved with food in it.

How do you determine how many movers and trucks to use for the move?

The number of movers and trucks necessary for a move is determined by the size of the move, evaluated by the cubic feet and weight of inventory.

Do you provide internal moves?

We provide internal moves, which are normally fairly easy. They require a large amount of two or four wheelers and typically a small number of movers.

Will the movers protect my furniture?

Moving provides full protection service to all furniture. All furniture will be fully wrapped with heavy duty moving pads. Glass, marble, and delicate surfaces will be cardboard or wooden crated by the movers. When you receive an estimate from our relocation consultant, do not forget to describe all the furniture that needs special care.

What should I do with my household plants and garden shrubs?

Such items can be moved if properly packed, but professional movers cannot ensure the safe transport of live plants, which can be traumatized by motion, temperature extremes, or the time in the moving truck. Plants cannot be stored. If you are moving overseas, please note that most countries will not allow the import of agricultural items.

How do I handle delicate inventory or machinery?

PPmoving will be able to provide you with the necessary moving equipment and packing supplies to protect your inventory during the move. We use special crates, carts, and when necessary customized crates for specific items. We also use thick moving blankets to wrap and protect your goods during the move.

Do you provide protection for marble or carpet floor?

We provide protection to floors when necessary. We have a special wood protector that we lay down on the floor while moving your goods in and out of buildings. This protection holds a lot of weight and guarantees to leave no marks on the floors.

How do I handle delicate inventory or machinery?

This will depend on the number of workers needed for the move. The best way to be sure of the cost of the move is to contact us. We may be able to give you an estimate over the phone. For a more accurate estimate, we will come out and look at what you are moving.

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