Packing Tips


One bedroom Apt

  • 10 Small moving boxes
  • 6 Medium moving boxes
  • 4 Large moving boxes
  • 3 lbs Wrapping paper
  • 1 Marker
  • 4 rolls of tape

Two bedrooms Apt

  • 20 Small moving boxes
  • 12 Medium Moving boxes
  • 8 Large Moving Boxes
  • 6 lbs Wrapping paper
  • 2 Marker
  • 8 rolls of tape

Artwork and Mirrors

Movers normally carry special boxes for these items. You may have them packed by the movers, or if you choose to do it on your own, we suggest you cover the pieces in bubble wrap and pack them in picture frame boxes filled with crumpled wrapping paper on all sides. All boxes used for packing artwork and mirrors must be sturdy, taped securely, and labeled.

File Cabinets

If cabinet has 3 or more drawers, empty all but the bottom 2 drawers entirely by removing files, loose papers, and office supplies into small boxes. If file has 2 drawers only, you may leave as is. If the drawers do not lock by themselves, use packing tape to tape them shut (do not use masking tape).


Do not water plants 2-3 days prior to your move. Empty excess water from bottom tray. Cover dirty plant containers with plastic bags to avoid staining clothing. Plants may lose some leaves/stems, and tall plants may sustain some damage. We will do everything possible to avoid this, but will not assume responsibility for any damage to plants sustained during transit.

Clothing (hanging)

We will provide to you on moving day, free of charge, the use of 8 pre-constructed wardrobe boxes. These will be provided to you on moving day by one of our movers. We do request that when placing your hanging clothes (only hanging clothes!) in the wardrobe boxes, that you not overload the boxes, as they will tear at the handles.

Other Electronics

Start by padding the bottom of the carton with a generous amount of packing material. Wrap electronics with paper and place in carton. Tightly pack padding around and on top of the unit to prevent damage. Firmly seal the carton. Label the carton as “Fragile-Top Load”

Barbecue and Grills

Remove all ashes from the barbecue. Place a plastic bag over the grill to cover the grease; otherwise, our moving blankets will become dirty from the grease. Most importantly, movers are not allowed to move propane tanks unless empty. If your barbecue is fueled by a gas tank, please empty the tank or remove the tank from the barbecue. You are responsible for transporting the gas tank if not empty.


Remove lampshade, light bulb, and harp from each lamp. Wrap cord around the lamp. If lamp is breakable or valuable, pad with bubble wrap and pack inbox. Otherwise, leave as-it-is. Whenever possible, pack lampshades nested to each other, two or three to a box. Use wrapping paper as a protective lining between each shade. You may want to pack the light bulbs and harps in this box as well

Computers, Stereos

If possible, pack electronics in their original cartons. As long as proper packing materials are used (bubble wrap, newsprint, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc.), electronics can be safely packed in sturdy boxes.

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